Teletext caster demo

This is a demo of the @techandsoftware/teletext-caster package to cast teletext pages to Chromecast. The demo source code is available from the git repo.

The cast button will appear in the panel below on supporting browsers and if you have a Chromecast. Click/touch to connect or disconnect:

Select a page to cast

Thanks to The Teletext Archeologist for the pages above.

Remote control inputs

Other functions

@techandsoftware/teletext-caster wraps around Google's Chromecast API's to provide a thin API for websites to simplify displaying pages on Chomecast devices. A corresponding receiver app runs on the Chromecast to render the teletext page using SVG.

The receiver application on the Chromecast acts like a dumb terminal - it doesn't know about page numbers or navigation or have any memory. It is up to the sender application to implement these, probably using page numbers and fasttext keys.

Remote control inputs:

Reveal Shows or hides hidden text on pages with concealed characters, used for punchlines, spoilers, quizzes, etc. The page needs to include control codes for concealed characters.
Mix Toggles the background colours off or on. Normally the TV picture would show with text/graphics on top. Here, it shows a random background.

Other functions:

These wouldn't be used by the viewer ordinarily but are shown here to demonstrate different capabilities.

Toggle boxed mode Used for pages like subtitles or newsflash to show the TV picture with boxed characters on top. A page has to contain boxing control codes, otherwise the screen is blank. This button toggles boxing on or off.
Clear screen Wipe the screen.
Toggle grid Show or hide a grid. This isn't part of teletext but included for development.
Smoother graphics Draws mosaic graphics with a pixel art scaling algorithm

Using the module

The @techandsoftware/teletext-caster package is on NPM. See the README there for instructions on using it.